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Paint a clear picture. your project in numbers

B.O.M (Quantity bills of materials and works)
Tilt the odds in your favor with an accurate quantity bill for materials and works. Listen: the success of your project depends on the ability to make knowledge-based decisions – quickly, accurately, and consistently. It is the powerhouse that drives cost-effective and timely project completion, and that is what Studio Ranovate’s bills of quantity guarantees.
Bill of quantities- reading and understanding architectural drawings and translating them into numbers such as length, area, volume, weight, price or time for contractors to quote.
The power of quantity bills for materials and works, imagine:

• It assists contractors in construction costs calculations
• It allows for a fair and accurate system when bidding for projects
• It makes it possible to compare the total price and that of specific items making it possible to quickly establish offers that promise good or poor value
• It is vital in contract negotiations and the finalization of an agreed contract sum
• It assists in providing a basis for the valuation of part-payments

We follow prescribed standard and recognized methodology when preparing bills of quantities in every aspect of building construction such as site preparation, masonry, plastering concrete works etc.
We’ve helped lots of homeowners, and commercial enterprises achieve what they set out to complete- a successful project.
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