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Even your project needs a guardian angel

At Studio Ranovate, we are about excellent escort of project service. With us, your safety on site is guaranteed on all kinds of project.
Getting an escort for your project shouldn’t be complicated. For us at Studio Ranovate, it is just an ideal opportunity to ensure that your project’s milestones are being achieved and client’s overall satisfaction by providing technical insights, unbiased opinions, advises and timely suggestions.
Because we believe that a successful project is all about quality, cost-effectiveness and timeliness. We will help you enforce quality, build trust, and develop a practical monitoring guideline to ensure successful project completion within your stipulated budget and time frame.

• Escort of project available all week long
• Affordable and convenient- our escort service is highly competitive price and flexible to accommodate your budget range
• Project supervision- we will track and monitor your project’s progress and offer suggestions that align with your desires and project milestones
• Routine inspection and standard checks- our knowledge means we will able to spot a substandard work, a deformed implementation or unacceptable behaviors then correct those on the spot before it becomes detrimental to the project
• Experienced and honest escort- we are sure to have handled a similar project in the past, combine this with the views and input of a candid escort- perfect!
• Enforcement of site health and safety procedure

For the best escort service for your project, contact us now. You will be glad you brought us on board.