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Bring vibe to your home

For us, furniture layouts mean making a statement, adding value to your home, and making people not been able to stop talking about it.
That’s why at Studio Ranovate, we are strategic when it comes to furniture layouts- adding more vibe, functionality, and beauty to your living space.
Whether it is choosing slimmer desks for small rooms, adding a stunning artwork to catch the eye or using rugs to set boundaries, Our furniture placement, floor planning, and the creativity we put into our furniture layouts is the difference you need to be different and standout.
We provide a detailed drawing of the different works at hand for the craftsmen and ensure the implementation of the instructions of the various consultants thus achieving a number of benefits.

• Highlight the positives of your room
• Downplay present flaws in your room’s design and decor
• Optimize floor space
• Add and improve functionality
• Improve comfort and usability of your living space

Get in touch with us now; our experienced team will work with you to help you achieve your interior décor goals at a cost-effective rate – the only risk is a superior result that makes jaws hit the floor.