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Do you get value you deserve?

We know you deserve full value for your money, but do you?
We’ve successfully done property checks for lots of clients, both private and corporate. They’ve come to associate us with top level delivery- accurate, timely and honest property checks that they trust and rely on to make informed decisions.

• Property defect and damage assessments
• Detailed reports including pictures and possible predictions
• Independent assessment- accurate and unbiased reports
• Thorough site inspection
• Saves you time and money
• In accordance with federal and local property checks and inspection guidelines

Understanding your needs and measuring them up against the property at hand, always in pursuit of premium value is what we do best.
Our services ensure the most comprehensive property check so that you are well informed with the most accurate facts and figures thus allowing you to decide your next purchase or not, budget appropriately for repairs or renovation.
Now wouldn’t you like that? Contact us today for your property check.